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Katy Bridges: director of marketing.boss mom

Photography by: Katie Ostarly I went through a period where I was absolutely obsessed with our local farmer’s markets. I suppose that hasn’t really changed, but my attendance definitely tapered off once the pandemic hit. Pre-COVID I was living in Bush so my nearest location was the Abita Springs Market, held every Sunday under theContinue reading “Katy Bridges: director of marketing.boss mom”

Sam Hubbard: Campus Youth Pastor.Warrior for Humanity

Photography by: Alaina Walder I suppose I would consider myself a spiritual person. Perhaps not in the most conventional, clear-cut way, but in an overarching, ongoing journey type of way. It has been during that journey that I have met some of the most fascinating people. One such human being is Reverend Sam Hubbard. TheContinue reading “Sam Hubbard: Campus Youth Pastor.Warrior for Humanity”

Carlos Sanchez:Pastry Chef.Owner of Tournesol Cafe and Bakery

Photography by Alaina Walder Not long after the COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives, I started to really look at the town I live in. Before the virus I would drive up and down these streets every single day without really seeing, without truly taking in any of my surroundings. It wasn’t until taking a driveContinue reading “Carlos Sanchez:Pastry Chef.Owner of Tournesol Cafe and Bakery”

Meghan Price: Ayurvedic Health Counselor.Wellness Coach

Photography by: Alaina Walder It’s been raining for what feels like forty days and forty nights. This is springtime in Louisiana. I’ve been planning to re-meet Meghan Price for about a week now, but our plans are continuously foiled.  The wind and the deluge and the inevitable flooding that comes with the Louisiana rainy seasonContinue reading “Meghan Price: Ayurvedic Health Counselor.Wellness Coach”

Chelsea Lenair: Flow Artist.

Photography by: Alaina Walder When I met Chelsea Cooper she was in the process of being assigned to be my supervisor at my very first internship out of graduate school. A daunting, thankless task really, it’s a wonder that she ever became my friend in the first place. Happily, this proved to be the startContinue reading “Chelsea Lenair: Flow Artist.”

Jonathan Dukes: Painter.Tattoo Artist

Photography by: Heidi Autin The girl in the painting reaches for the sky, one hand rockets above her head, the other at her side. It is reminiscent of the classic Tarot image of “The Magician”, “as above, so below”. The glow that radiates from behind her is curious; it draws the viewer’s thoughts to anotherContinue reading “Jonathan Dukes: Painter.Tattoo Artist”

Jordan Dalton: Singer.Songwriter

Photography: Katie Ostarly Photography The early spring morning in March is crisp, the hustle and bustle of downtown Covington is as constant, as grounded, and as reassuring as the look in Jordan Dalton’s eyes. She is serious about her work, this one. This is made apparent the moment she picks up her guitar and startsContinue reading “Jordan Dalton: Singer.Songwriter”

Kathryn Jones : Owner.Lead Writer

Hello! Hi! Hey! Welcome. I can’t believe that you are finally reading this. “Finally” because this publication, this very page that you are reading now, is the culmination of all my hopes and dreams. That’s scary when you really stop and think about it. It’s enough to frighten me, that’s for sure. If only youContinue reading “Kathryn Jones : Owner.Lead Writer”